A TikTok star who called a Lancashire coastal town ‘the worst UK holiday destination’ has sparked debate on social media after his video went viral.

In the video, Chris Coote, from Leeds, gives a very honest review of his holiday in Blackpool – and it’s safe to say he won’t be returning.

He points out litter that has been left on the floor, the Cigarette Waste Art Gallery and boarded up buildings.

Lancashire Telegraph: Chris CooteChris Coote

He describes the town as a s******e and says he is yet to encounter a local with “a full set of teeth".

In the video he says: “I’ve been in Blackpool for over 24 hours now and I swear to you – I’ve not seen one normal human being.

“I haven’t seen a human being with a full set of teeth.

Lancashire Telegraph: A boarded up building in Blackpool as featured in the TikTok video. (Credit: Chris Coote)A boarded up building in Blackpool as featured in the TikTok video. (Credit: Chris Coote)

“I’ve never seen so much scum in all my life.

"I’m not a judgmental person but even Jesus Christ would be like ‘I’m not saving you from your sins.'

“Come to Blackpool – you will have a hell of a time. Lie in a hotel bed and watch syphilis r*** your face.”

Since posting, the video has amassed more than 1.3million views, with thousands sharing their opinions on the footage and the Lancashire town.

The majority jumped to the defence of the coastal town and said it has a lot more to offer.

Lancashire Telegraph: Litter on the Blackpool floor (Credit: Chris Coote)Litter on the Blackpool floor (Credit: Chris Coote)

One person said: "Looked for the worst places and filmed them. Just back from Blackpool and loved it."

Blackpool local, Beth Marston said: “I'm from Blackpool and I've never even seen some of the place you've filmed, you must've spent a while wandering around the back streets.

“I can recommend lots of lovely places to visit if you'd be open minded enough to go to them.”

“Blackpool is a great place for a family break,” said another.

Brian Banu said: “Blackpool Tower the circus, Sea Life Centre and of course Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

“Plenty to do there and u can find plenty of normal people.”

Another said: “My mum currently lives there and she loves Blackpool; people are actually friendly more than where she lives.”

However, some other agreed with Chris’ review.

“To be fair he's right,” said one person.

“Personally, I like Blackpool - but I agree that the place is wild,” said another.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Chris said he used to go to the coastal town as a child and says “it is genuinely shocking” to see how bad it has become.

He says all of this was filmed on one street behind the promenade and says he was not “looking for bad bits in the backstreets” as some comments suggested.

While Chris didn’t enjoy his stay, the coastal town is still loved by many.

Blackpool Beach was recently named in the The Sunday Times 50 Best Beaches Guide and it is known for its iconic tower and Pleasure Beach.

It has been visited by many celebrities over the years including Russell Brand, Peter Kay, Tyson Fury and more.