An injured cat that was hit by a car yesterday and taken to the local vets by a resident has sadly died.

Danielle Louise, 27, of Clayton le Moors was taking the bins out yesterday evening when she saw the poorly black cat down the alley between Burnley Road and Duke Street.

She said: “I spotted him struggling because he was limping down the alleyway, dragging his back legs.

“That’s when I put a Facebook post on asking if anyone could help because my son’s allergic so I, unfortunately, couldn’t take him in.”

One of the neighbours, Mary Ann Berry, had just got come in from work when she noticed her daughter was outside with the other neighbours and the cat.

“I heard screaming from outside and realised it was the cat crying out of pain," she said.

"My daughter and the neighbours were tying to get him in the box, but it was difficult because we could tell some of his bones were broken.

“He didn’t want to be picked up because it was obviously too painful for him. It was like he wanted our help but also didn’t because he was scared.”

After a few attempts, Mary Ann, 42, and her daughter managed to gently put him in the box and drive him to Town and Country Vets.

“We just did what you’d hope anyone would do really, I just jumped into action.”

“The journey there, he was being really silent. My daughter had to check in the box a few times to make sure he was okay because he’d stopped screaming.”

One of the vets saw the poor cat immediately after they arrived and informed them his spine seemed to be broken.

Mary said because the incident took place at rush hour, the main road near the alley where the cat was found would have been very busy at the time.

She added: “I’d like to think that it was an accident and whoever hit him didn’t realise what had happened - especially if it was a big car like a wagon.

"It was the back of his body that was hurt so the person may not have even felt it on their car”.

Unfortunately, the cat's injuries were too serious and it died in the early hours of today, the vets confirmed.

Responding to the heart-breaking news, Danielle said: “It broke my heart, I was absolutely gutted when I found out today.”

Whilst the devastating news is not the outcome the neighbours and people on Facebook wanted, the strangers and residents "came together in a time of need to help the vulnerable animal" which is a testament to the power of local community.

The cat was looked after by the vets at Town and Country Vetenary Group in Whalley Road, Clayton-le-Moors.