Whether you’re interested in moving to a new place or not, there’s something about discovering new streets and areas especially when they’re aesthetically pleasing.

If you live in or around East Lancashire or you’ve visited before, you might’ve spotted some of the pretty spots but if you haven’t, you won’t need to look much further.

We’ve rounded up some of the prettiest villages in East Lancashire. Do you recognise any?

9 of the prettiest villages in East Lancashire


Found in Ribble Valley, Ribchester is situated by the River Ribble.

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit, Ribchester is home to a Roman Museum and you’ll also find remains at the Roman Baths.  


Pleasington is about a 12-minute drive from Blackburn and the River Darwen runs closeby.

Pleasington has a golf club as well as playing fields and it also has its own train station.

It takes between 20 and 30 minutes to drive to Preston and just under an hour to Manchester.


Between two reservoirs, Black Moss and Ogden is where you’ll find Barley.

It has a hotel, a village hall, a park and more to explore.

Hurst Green

Hurst Green is also near to the River Ribble and with plenty of hotels closeby, there’s plenty of places to stay if you’re not from the area.

It’s between Longridge (a 10 minute drive) and Clitheroe (between 10 and 20 minute drive).


Whalley is very close to both the River Calder and River Ribble.

It has its own train station as well as bars, restaurants and hotels.


Croasdale Brook runs through the village and joins the River Hodder just outside.

Clitheroe is around a 20-minute drive from Slaidburn.


Two brooks run through parts of Tockholes and you’ll find churches, a village hall and a play area plus more.

Tockholes is a 10-minute drive to Darwen and it takes around 15 minutes to drive to Blackburn from the village.


Downham has brooks flowing through it and the River Ribble is close by.

Clitheroe is approximately 15 minutes away by car and its around a 10-minute drive to Pendle Hill where you can enjoy a walk to the top.


With the River Irwell and Edenfield Waterfall close by, this village could suit those who enjoy being outside.

There’s a nearby campsite and it takes around 25 minutes to drive to Blackburn from the village.