A stolen trailer and caravan have been recovered by officers who also seized a Land Rover which was on cloned plates.

Rossendale’s Rural Task Force say the Ifor Williams trailer had been stolen from the Altham area earlier this week while the Swift Challenger Caravan was taken from Cumbria just this morning.

The stolen vehicles were located in Accrington, where a Land Rover Freelander, which it is believed was used to ram open the gates of a secure compound where the caravan was being stored, was also recovered.

A statement reads: “The combined total for these is around £30,000 resulting in two very relieved owners.

“We recognise the impact that crimes like this have on rural communities and will continue to do everything we can to recover stolen items and bring offenders to justice.

“If you have any information as to where there may be stolen vehicles, plant / agricultural machinery then please email; RossendaleRTF@lancashire.police.uk or alternatively call 101 and ask for it to be referred to the Rural Task Force.”