A 52-year-old man who shouted and swore at railway workers when they challenged him about not having a ticket has been fined.

The case of Stephen Parkington, of Burton Street, Rishton, appeared before Preston Magistrates' Court following the incident, which took place at Accrington station in February 28.

According to court documents, when Parkington was questioned about his lack of a ticket on a trip between Rishton and Accrington he became abusive, after being handed a penalty fare notice.

He shouted at the worker: "It's f**king s**t, f**k off, why the f**k should I pay you, f**k you." 

As a result, a letter requesting an explanation was sent to the defendant’s home, but was never responded to.

Parkington, who was not present in court, was proven guilty of the offence of unacceptable behaviour on the railway by magistrates via a single justice procedure.

He has now been ordered to pay a total of £404 – made up of a £220 fine, £34 victim surcharge fee and £150 contribution towards court costs.

The full amount must be paid by August 10 and a collection order has been made.

A single justice procedure allows magistrates to rule on cases on the basis of papers alone, and does not require a defendant to be present; it's commonly used as a quicker way of dealing with summary only offences.