Jeremy Corbyn was persuaded to show off his Punjabi dance moves by a Blackburn man who welcomed him to a wedding recently.

Tayab Naveed was at a family wedding in Coventry this week, where ex-Labour leader and Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn was invited as a special guest.

In videos being shared, Mr Corbyn is seen being welcomed by large crowds to the wedding.

He then breaks out into a traditional Bhangra dance before being lifted on to the shoulders of some the guests.

Tayab, 26, who works at Chaaye Paani based in Brown Street Car Park, Blackburn, said people were delighted with Mr Corbyn’s efforts.

Tayab said: “It was all great fun and I have to say Mr Corbyn was brilliant with everyone.

“He has certainly got the moves.”

Tayab’s cousin, Rizwan was getting married to the sister of Labour's Zarah Sultana MP.

Tayab joined the Baraat (groom’s guests) as they headed to the midlands for the wedding at the Royal Court Hotel on Tuesday.

Tayab said: “As anyone who knows when you attend an Asian wedding there can be a bit of traffic outside. 

“As we were approaching I got out to do some traffic marshalling and help out a little. As I was doing this I saw Jeremy Corbyn in one of the cars.

“I went up to him to say ‘Hello’ and then got chatting to him. He shook my hand and then I told him he had to dance with me when he arrives.

“When he got out of the car I said – ‘You are man of your word and so am I so lets do this.’

“True to his word, he told me ‘You take the lead and I am ready’.”

Crowds cheered as Tayab and Mr Corbyn danced to the hypnotic rythym of the traditional Punjabi drums that are played at many Asian weddings.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Mr Corbyn was then lifted on the shoulders of Tayab and Haider at the end of the dance.
The videos of the dance have been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Tayab said: “I wouldn’t say he is a natural and could do with a little practice! But he was brilliant as he took part.

"Everyone was overjoyed that he was just so relaxed to be around. A real man of the people.

“I have loads of people calling me all day and people are loving the videos.

“I do like to bring the vibe where ever I go. I mean, I did get JC to dance and show off his Punjabi moves!”