An elated couple have had a birthing experience like no other – with mum giving birth to their son on the M65.

Lee Reynolds was rushing his partner Natalie Whitton to Burnley Hospital in the early hours of today, July 27, after she went into labour.

While on the M65 and looking at junction 10 in the distance, at 5.37am baby boy Harrison arrived so quickly, he ended up in the footwell of the couple's car - not quite the birthing plan they had envisiged.

Natalie's contractions started at about 3.30am and the couple, from Darwen, were hesitant to go straight to the hospital as when they did with their daughter Sienna, they were told to go home as they were too early.

Lancashire Telegraph: Natalie Whitton with Harrison John ReynoldsNatalie Whitton with Harrison John Reynolds

At about 4.45am, they called Burnley Hospital, where Natalie was planning on giving birth, who told them to come straight in when suddenly, Natalie's waters broke.

After organising childcare for Sienna, Lee and Natalie jumped in the car and rushed to Burnley Hospital.

Lee said: “As we got onto the motorway, Natalie said ‘I’m not going to make it to Burnley’.

“I dialled the birthing centre for Blackburn and they told us they had no room and to go to Burnley.

“As we got closer, I looked and there was a baby in the footwell of the car.”

Lancashire Telegraph: A healthy 7lb11ounce baby Harrison John ReynoldsA healthy 7lb11ounce baby Harrison John Reynolds

Lee pulled over and Natalie picked 7lb 11oz Harrison up while on the phone to both the Blackburn Birthing Centre and 999.

After Harrison started responding, the couple were told to go straight to Burnley Hospital where the midwives said M65 births have happened but they are very rare.

Lee added: “We want to thank the Blackburn Birthing Centre for being so helpful and I want to apologise to the 999 operator as I got a little irate, but they were amazing.”

The couple stayed in hospital for about six hours and are now back at home for the first time as a family of four.