Blackpool is now home to an immersive wizard golf attraction and with the summer holidays in full swing, it could be an activity to add to the diary.

The Hole in Wand is a mini golf attraction but it’s not the usual kind with the addition of weird and wonderful ‘historically-accurate’ smells, keeping in with the theme thanks to the help of AromaPrime Themed Scents.

The mini golf venue gives players a unique experience with both the smells and the way they have to get around.

Players should expect to crawl through fireplaces, walk into giant portraits or drink sparkling potions during their visit to both the Blackpool and York venues.

Lancashire Telegraph: The Hole in Wand, Blackpool (AromaPrime/The Hole in Wand)The Hole in Wand, Blackpool (AromaPrime/The Hole in Wand)

Liam R. Findlay, themed smell consultant at AromaPrime, said: “Even when you're making a fantasy smell, careful research is needed. The newt notes and frog fumes are part of a wizard alley aroma, where you can imagine these strange ingredients being sold.

“We researched the pongs of pondlife, but this concoction is mainly based on historical records of Victorian streets. The herbs and spices, the pipe smoke, the plants between the cobbles.

“This attention to detail goes towards convincing guests that the fiction is reality! That's the special secret to making an experience memorable and magical.”


Stuart Jarman, managing director, said: “Post-covid guests are looking for something extra at experiences and attractions, and introducing smells allows us to provide a truly magical experience at our golf courses in Blackpool and York.”

You can find out more information about The Hole in Wand and book a visit via the website.