A Burnley vicar, who went from an Argos manager to man of God, is to release book about his time as a priest as well stories from his parishioners during Covid.

Father Alex Frost’s book ‘Our Daily Bread: From Argos to the Altar - a Priest's Story’ has been picked up by major publisher Harper Collins and is set to be released in October.

As well as personal stories about his own journey from working for the retailer and as a stand-up comedian to vicar at a Burnley church, it also details “harrowing” stories from impoverished people in lockdown.

Lancashire Telegraph: Father Alex FrostFather Alex Frost

Alex, who is vicar at St Matthew’s Church in Burnley, said: “It’s a book of humour but it’s also a book of great sadness; it reflects the current social landscape of the country at the moment.”

Having achieved his profession as a priest in 2015, Father Alex quickly recognised the thousands of inhabitants of his new parish were in dire need of help.

And so it was that he found himself running a food bank from a car park, helping the desperate as the pandemic raged.

Father Alex said the book is “really potent in the midst of the cost of living crisis” and hopes people will care more about those in poverty after reading it.

He said: “One of the straplines in the book is that nobody cares about these people and they have been left to deal with their situation.

“Poverty isn’t just about having no money, it affects so many other aspects such as social wellbeing, aspiration and more.

“The book really hits home after the pandemic.”

A woman who is struggling to get her children mental health treatment on the NHS and a man who is stuck in a cycle of criminality and drug abuse are just some of the real-life stories to feature.

Alex said: “It’s a humourous but powerful story of real people who have lived through challenging and unprecedented times.

“I hope it inspires people to care a little bit more about people than they currently do."                                                                                                    Lancashire Telegraph: Our Daily Bread: From Argos to the Altar - a Priest's Story will be published in OctoberOur Daily Bread: From Argos to the Altar - a Priest's Story will be published in October                                  

Alex's down-to-earth style of ministry struck a chord with people of all faiths, cultures and class at a time when the divide between rich and poor is widening at a quicker speed than in recent years.

But amid the tragedy, addiction, appalling loss, illness and neglect, there also lies hope, joy and moments of comedy.

Our Daily Bread is as much the story of the rich cast of characters that cross the threshold of any church as it is our vicar's.

Through them it shows the continued relevance of the church for those in peril: the poor and the marginalised.

The book’s foreword has been written by Burnley-born journalist and author Alastair Campbell who has appeared on Alex’s podcast ‘The Godcast’.

Speaking about the book, Alastair said: “A unique and rare insight into the work of an urban parish priest.

“Deeply moving, but amid the unfairness and injustice, there is also humour, love and togetherness.”

Anthea Turner added: “Father Alex is funny, engaging, totally sincere and never afraid to ask.

“Everyone who reads this book will take something from it.”

Our Daily Bread: From Argos to the Altar - a Priest's Story’ is available from all good book stores on October 27 but is available for pre-order now.