A big day for Accrington residents as Peel House Medical Practice will finally allow face to face appointments with GPs from next week.

The Practice Operations Manager, Craig Lee sent out a letter to the GP patients bearing the positive and highly anticipated news last week.

This comes after patients were becoming frustrated with the way appointments were being triaged via the telephone. However, from Monday July, 25 this will no longer be the case.

The change means that there will be less double handling and as a result means there are more appointments within their booking system to offer to patients, regardless of severity of the medical issue.

Lancashire Telegraph: Peel House Medical Practice is located inside the Accrington Pals Primary Health Care CentrePeel House Medical Practice is located inside the Accrington Pals Primary Health Care Centre

Patients will have the freedom to choose whether they want a face-to-face appointment or request a telephone one where appropriate.

The open letter also mentioned the added benefit of the changes is the online booking platforms should start working more consistently, with less frequent system issues that leave patients frustrated.

The letter states: “Apps such as Patient Access and MyGP have been a little temperamental with telephone triage calls and I know patients have struggled to consistently make appointments online, these changes should resolve those issues.

“I’m sure you will welcome these changes, having spoken with many of you over the previous months, I know how keen you are for these changes to be made. 

“As with any new system there may be some teething problems and I’d ask for your patience and understanding whilst this new system is rolled out, we will of course monitor the data and patient feedback and tweak the system where necessary.”

It’s the final step to removing the last remaining covid restrictions however some protocols will remain in place.

Lee states that to help protect staff and patients, some measures will remain in place including asking staff and patients to continue wearing masks in clinical areas although the rules around the back-office have been reduced.

There will also be increased ventilation to help reduce the transmission of air borne viruses. Additional hand sanitising stations to encourage good hand hygiene as well as some physical barriers will remain for the time being.