A former X Factor contestant from East Lancashire has found fame on the video sharing site, TikTok, after one of her songs about Love Island went viral.

Diana Vickers, from Accrington, and her friend Chiara Hunter have made a “hilarious video that has been hailed “the anthem of Love Island 2022”.

Their two minute original song, ‘Suckin on her t**s or whatever’, focuses on a highly talked about (and slightly crude) moment in Love Island.

In one episode, contestant Andrew Lepage revealed to his now girlfriend, Tasha Ghouri, about an intimate moment he shared with another woman Coco Lodge.

Lancashire Telegraph: Diana Vickers and Chiara Hunter in their viral TikTok videoDiana Vickers and Chiara Hunter in their viral TikTok video

At the time of writing the video has amassed over 2.2 million views with the duo gaining thousands of followers on their channel.

Thousands commented on the video after it was uploaded.

One person said: “Petition for this to performed at the final please.”

Another said: “This is the best song I’ve seen TikTok this year for sure.”

“This should be the anthem of Love Island,” said another.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, the duo said their were surprised by the reaction it has received.

Diana said: “We have a big following on Instagram but on TikTok we are kind of like grandmas.”

“I didn’t know it had gone viral until my friends messaged me the next morning,” said Chiara.

“It was amazing to watch it take off and capture a moment that everyone is talking about, but present it in a really funny and clever way

“We write silly little songs and people seem to love it.”

Diana, who appeared on the X Factor in 2008, said they are used to making comedy videos and songs but always wanted to make one about Love Island.

She said: “It’s iconic we’re not going to lie.

“We wanted to make a Love Island song but were waiting for the right angle to come along.

“As soon as we heard the conversation between Andrew and Tasha that everyone was talking about, we knew we had to write the song.

“We knew we needed to do a song all about Coco’s t**s and it just went viral on TikTok – the nation love it.”

Diana and Chiara said they were “chuffed” when the song was featured on Love Island: Aftersun, which premiers after the main episode airs.

“We’re part of the Love Island crowd now aren’t we? Whether they like it or not,” joked Diana.

If the Love Island song tickled your funny bone, Diana and Chiara think you might enjoy their podcast ‘Ki & Dee: The Podcast’.

The roommates, who currently live in London, started the podcast in lockdown as “their way of coping” with the situation.

In the comfort of their living room and mismatched pyjama, Ki & Dee air their dirty laundry in the podcast.

They talk about their own life stories, interview guest and also sing some songs.

They are currently filming season two of the podcast which is set to start in September. One of the guests for the upcoming season is an NHS doctor who has shared some “crazy” A&E stories.

Chiara said: “People feel confortable sharing their stories with us so they can spill their deepest and darkest secrets.”

The duo will also be bringing their live show ‘Kee and Dee on the sesh’ to the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Chiara said: “It’s all about one crazy night celebrating our birthday.

“We might have to play our Love Island song as a bonus track now... we will work it in for sure and give the people what they want.”

Diana said: “The fringe is a big moment for us as we are there for a whole months – we hope it will open a few doors for us.”

Until then Diana and Chiara will keep making their entertaining TikTok videos and have told fans to stay tuned for the next installment of their Love Island series.

Diana said: “We have a few more songs up our sleeves and will be filming a Love Island Part 2 video at some point- so watch this space.”

You can watch the full TikTok video on the @kianddeeshow TikTok channel. It contains strong language.