Officers issued 72 tickets to drivers who were not wearing seatbelts, using their phones or who had illegal number plates in just one day.

Police in Nelson and Colne performed a roadside operation on Thursday, July 21, to catch motorists breaking the law.

In total, 72 tickets were issued to drivers with 84 offences recorded, with some tickets having more than one offence attached to them.

Tickets were issued for people who were not wearing seat belts, having illegal number plates, using a mobile device whilst driving, tyre tread offences and window tint offences.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Sadly again officers were not afforded much of a break as they had to deal with so many offences.

Still we see drivers not wearing seat belts, using mobile devices whilst driving, speeding, displaying ‘show plates’ rather than correct number plates and windows that have been tinted incorrectly not allowing the correct light through.

“We receive comments like “you must be pleased with all the money you are taking”.

“Well clearly we don’t collect nor take any of the money personally that the tickets generate, but it would be good if no tickets were issued, no money was generated and all road users were safe, that would be a good day.

“Please remember you, the road users and drivers, have the power so if you are driving legally, sensibility you are far less likely to be stop, simple.

“Unfortunately, as the figures show, we are not winning the battle to make our roads safer so we will continue to target these area as requested by you the public.”