An entrepreneur who is famed for creating the ‘most expensive milkshake’ in the world has opened his own dessert bar on Blackburn’s busiest high street.

The Kandy Krush Dessert Diner has been launched by Zeeshan Bisharet in Whalley Range - on a stretch of road famed for its food and takeaways.

The new 20-seater diner opened following £60,000 renovations which took just over six months to complete.

Zeeshan, 30, has launched the business alongside his brother, Jaz, and is being helped by his family with the running of the diner.

He said: “I have always had a keen interest in producing unique foods and desserts.

“Kandy Krush has been going for a few years now and we have featured at some of the leading festivals in the world across Europe and the world.

“On our travels we have served some the leading celebrities, like footballers Robin Van Persie and Tonny Vilhen,  former MMA World Champion Gegard Mousasi, and current UFC fighter Michael Chiesa.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Zeeshan said: “I always had a dream to come back to the UK and set up my own place.

“I wanted to be my own boss. It is a great location right in the heart of the busy Whalley Range district.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Kandy Krush serves a mix of smash burgers and desserts with ingredients carefully sourced.

Zeeshan said: “My concept is fast food classics like milkshakes and burgers.

“Where ever you go some foods are instantly recognisable. Burgers are one of them. The Kandy Krush burgers are high-end luxury creations that people will not have tasted anywhere else.

“I really believe in the concept and hope to take it to other locations across the world.”

Amongst some of their unique offering is the ‘Big Poppa’ which will set you back £9.50 and includes four beef patties, caramelised onions, in-house sauce, lettuce and melted cheese.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Kandy Krush takes up the spot of the former United Finance premises which had served the local community for many years.

Zeeshan of Nelson said: “We had to renovate the interior completely and start from scratch to ensure we got the right look.

“There was a large safe left here so we have incorporated that into the branding. It is just a way of paying homage to the past and what the building was used as.”

Zeeshan was famed for producing the most expensive milkshake in the world which would set you back 1,000 Euros (£855).

He said: “It was something we created in 2019 and featured on MTV at the time.

“It features black truffles, Belgian chocolate and was served in a gold-plated glass.

“I don’t think we can do it for Blackburn customers and unless someone wants it of course!”