PART of a Roman road, in the shadow of Pendle Hill, is being excavated as part of a community archaeology initiative.

Professional archaeologists and volunteers are working on a section of ancient carriageway near Chatburn under the auspices of the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership.

The Roman road between Ribchester, home to a first-century fort by the River Ribble, and Eslack, runs around Pendle Hill.

And under the supervision of Northern Archaeological Associates, Time Team fans can lend a hand in uncovering some of the fascinating history behind the route.

Work on the road follows on from an initial dig which took place last October, after investigations by the Ribble Valley Archaeology Group, which confirmed the presence of the road but did not produce any concrete evidence to assist with dating the construction.

One summary report after the 2021 dig noted: "The lack of finds (just one piece of Roman pottery) are insufficient to prove the date of the road as Roman.

"There is clear evidence for the presence of a level road surface made of small pieces of stone (metalled road) which has then been resurfaced with sandy clay.

The line of the road can be verified using Ordnance Survey maps and LiDAR (light detection and ranging) but physical evidence is still being sought.

Roman activity in the area is thought to date to at least 72AD, with evidence of a wooden fort at Bremetennacum, now modern-day Ribchester, during the campaigns of Petillius Cerialis.

Later home to more permanent fortifications, the land at Ribchester guarded an accessible crossing point over the River Ribble.

Another community dig will take place today, Friday, and further excavations are planned for next Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Jess Wight is co-ordinating the volunteer effort on behalf of the partnership and is keen to secure volunteer assistance.

She said: "Our excavation is absolutely free, we just need volunteers to sign up via our weblink so we can keep everyone safe on site.

"Please bring your enthusiasm and a packed lunch, we can sort out the rest. Please dress for the weather and expect to get muddy."

The digs will take place every day from 9am to 4pm, and you can sign up at: