COUNCILLORS have been recommended to grant backdate planning permission for a part-built two-storey extension to a busy Mosque - just.

The committee of the Madina Masjid in Oak Street in Bastwell in Blackburn have asked for approval for the building which includes a new ladies hall despite have already started its construction.

Several objections from nearby residents have been received.

It has been referred by officers to Blackburn with Darwen Council planning committee's meeting on Thursday.

Their report concludes: "This application has been recommended for approval in relatively marginal terms and it should be noted at this stage that any further increases in the capacity of the site are unlikely to receive the council’s support."

It says: "A significant number of public objections have been received.

"The objections raised principally concern a lack of parking provision within the site and the potential for adverse highways implications to arise.

"Concerns regarding existing development within the site, the potential for adverse impacts on neighbours to occur, and surface water drainage issues have also been cited within the comments received.

"The proposals would deliver a two-storey extension for the Madina Mosque.

"The submitted plans indicate that storage would be provided on the basement level with a ladies hall above.

"Construction of the development was well underway at the time of the initial site visit and the proposals are therefore partly-retrospective.

"Construction of the mosque was initially approved in 1997 and the site has been subject to a number of enlargements and alterations over the years.

"Vehicle access is gained from Oak Street, which is a predominantly residential road,

"Dwellings surround to all sides that interface the mosque at a variation of distances and angles.

"The site comprises of a large two-storey building, associated car park and soft landscaped areas lining the east boundary.

"The building has an ornate construction with natural stone elevations.

"The submitted plans show that the proposed extension would be used for storage on the basement level with a ladies hall provided above.

"The bulky appearance of the extension was noted on site, as was the blank and featureless elevation that runs along the site’s southeast boundary.

"That said, when large scale nature of the existing building is considered alongside the use of natural stone throughout, the scale and overall appearance of the extension built does not warrant any significant design concerns."