A man is facing a driving ban after getting caught speeding at almost 100mph in a Ferrari which also had a dodgy licence plate.

John Perez, 37, pleaded guilty to speeding and to driving a vehicle when its registration place does not conform to regulations on October 27 last year.

His company is also facing court action after being accused of two alleged offences involving a £280,000 Rolls Royce Dawn.

Perez was caught going 97mph in his Ferrari 488 Spyder near Junction 3 of the M1 in London, 27mph above the national speed limit.

The £207,000 supercar, which has a 3.9 litre V8 engine producing 661bhp and with a top speed of 205mph, also was carrying the registration plate ‘TH11 CKK’, which did not conform with regulations.

The Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 dictates the minimum distance between the ‘TH’ and ‘11’ on the plate should be 33mm, but on Perez’s car it was only 10mm.

His company, Anya International Group Limited – which builds holiday village lodges – was also due in court on July 4 regarding alleged offences involving a Rolls Royce Dawn.

Perez, of Coopers Row, Lytham St Anne’s, did not attend his hearing at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on May 19, but did plead guilty to both offences which were heard through a single justice procedure.

Sentencing in his case was adjourned until June 8 at Preston Magistrates’ Court, however at this hearing it was again adjourned until August 22 so that magistrates could consider if there are any mitigating circumstances, including a plea of exceptional hardship, which would warrant not imposing a driving disqualification on Perez.

Anya International Group Ltd, registered to the Coopers Row address, was due in Preston Magistrates’ Court on July 4 on two counts of failing to provide the identity of a driver when required to by police.

These related to an incident on October 27 last year, when the driver of the Rolls Royce was alleged to be guilty of an offence, and the same offence on November 2.

Court documents have yet to be updated for these cases.

On Companies House, John Perez is registered as the sole director of Anya International Group Ltd.