Thousands have signed a petition calling for Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown’s cancelled Lancashire gig to be reinstated.

This is days after Lancaster Council cancelled his August performance at The Platform in Morecambe “following concerns raised by the community”.

Last week a petition was launched asking Roy, real name Royston Vasey, to be ‘banned’ from The Platform; at the time of writing it has 82 signatures.

Now, a fan of the controversial veteran comic has launched a petition in the hopes of reversing the council’s decision.

Creator, Daniel Armitage, said: “I am getting sick and tired of people who dislike Roy.

“He does a lot for charity if people don't like him then move on - don't ruin it for other people.”

At the time of writing the petition has received over 3,100 signatured.

One supporter said:  “Signed - people should have a choice.”

“He’s a comedian that makes lots of people laugh and helping us forget what’s going on all around us.

“It’s all tongue in cheek as far as I’m concerned. Best of luck chubby,” said another.

“I'm embarrassed that my town has resorted to this, ridiculous. Signed,” said another.

However, others have been vocal about their dislike for the comedian.

One person said: “There is no place for racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments, passed off as supposed ‘humour’.

“We should not be giving anyone the space for this.” “I do understand people’s concern about ‘cancel culture’ and people should be allowed to say things even if they are offensive,” said another.

“However being racist and / or sexist or homophobic etc should never be acceptable.”

Roy’s manager, Ritchie Hoyle, said the thousands of signatures on this new petition “reflect the way the public feel.”

He said: “Roy Chubby Brown is a character created by Royston Vasey, a comedian who wants to give his audience a great night out and put a smile on their faces.

“Protesters label him as sexist, homophobic, racist, a misogynist… but these accusations couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Everyone knows the content of Chubby’s shows. If you can’t see it for what it is, comedy, then don’t buy a ticket - but don’t try to spoil it for the thousands of fans who love Chubby and just want a laugh and a good night out.”

“82 people in Morecambe signed a petition to ban Chubby but thousands disagree and want him to perform or at least be given the choice to attend and not be dictated to - but still the show is cancelled… is it only me that’s thinks this is wrong?

Announcing the cancellation of the Morecambe, Mark Davies, chief executive of Lancaster City Council, said: “Following concerns raised by our community, Lancaster City Council has taken the decision to cancel the appearance of Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown at the Platform in Morecambe this August.

“We understand this decision will disappoint some people, but we are proud to be a fair, diverse and inclusive organisation and do not believe Mr Brown’s shows are compatible with these values.

“All ticket holders will be contacted and offered a full refund.”

Lancaster Council declined to provide additional comment about the new petition.