WELL, what a mess that was - and still is. Boris Johnson clung on for dear life adopting the usual approach of those who simply believe they are above the normal rules.

For weeks he has effectively had his fingers in his ears singing “la, la la - I’m not listening” - a method favoured by many four-year-olds - as realisation dawned on the rest of the country that the man with the funny hair was not fit to serve in the highest office.

Indeed one wonders if he’s fit to serve any office. Can you imagine Boris going to the supermarket for the weekly shop? “Sorry Carrie, I couldn’t find the charcuterie so alas my dear I have returned empty handed.”

Eventually forced to resign as Tory leader he now appears determined to stay on in Number 10 until the tortuous process of electing another leader is complete.

Oh come on Boris, you’re taking the mickey! You’ve been deemed not fit to lead your party but believe you still competent enough to run the country. It’s equivalent to a Premier League football club sacking their manager but allowing him to stay on until the end of the season. Surely once you’re out, you’re out - them’s the breaks.

Here’s an idea. While the PM wannabes fight it out like seagulls round the tip, why not bring in a wise old head to steady the ship? Ken Clarke for caretaker PM!