A drunk driver who was attempting to drive without two wheels was thankfully stopped by officers in Rossendale.

Police said the driver of a grey Fiesta was trying to make their way from Blackburn to Rossendale but somehow had lost two wheels on the way. The 'sparks flying' from the car had drawn the attention of officers.

Rossendale Rural Task Force and Team 5 response officers said they made a total of five arrests overnight (Sunday July 3 ).

Several cars were seized for no insurance or no driving licence and another individual was arrested for drink driving.

Rossendale Police said: "This has been achieved from being out pro actively on the borders stopping vehicles and speaking to occupants.

"Rural officers focusing on Whitworth have stopped the Corsa hire car in the early hours and upon the driver winding the window down there was a strong whiff of something resulting in the car being searched. A bag containing quite a bit of cannabis was found with a decent amount of cash. Arrested for possession with intent to supply.

"Also, at about 1.30am the silence of Whitworth was disturbed by the very loud sound of engines.

"We couldn't quite believe our eyes to see about 15 quad bikes and off road motorbikes razzing through Whitworth, none registered and no helmets.

"Obviously they didn't want to stop for us and were chased up onto Lobden where their off road ability had the better of us. We will be reviewing CCTV and dash cam to try and identify individuals with a view to prosecuting."