Blackburn Rovers have announced the club will host Eid prayers on the pitch again.

The second Eid celebration of the year - Eid-Ul-Adha, follows the completion of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Prayers will take place at Ewood Park on Saturday July 9. Rovers became the first football club in the UK to host Eid prayers at their stadium on May Bank Holiday. The first Eid marking the end of Ramadan.

The prayers attracted worldwide attention with FIFA the world’s football governing body sharing videos from the event. The club was also featured on international media and commended for hosting the event.

Rovers could expect a larger turn out this month and have released further details of the event on Friday.

The Eid prayers will take place at 9.30am prompt and people are asked to be at the stadium for no later than 9am.

‘Eid @ Ewood Park’ is open to people and families of all ages, with provisions in place for both men and women to pray on the pitch. Those who attend are asked to bring their own prayer mat with them.

Lancashire Telegraph:

There is no need to register, but people are asked to arrive by 9am at the latest. Turnstiles will open at 8.30am.

As an emergency, Rovers will have toilets available, but the club would appreciate it if people could come prepared, having performed ablution (ceremonial washing before prayers) at home.

Those needing to pray on a chair or wheelchair will be catered for, but guests are also asked to bring their own fold-up chair if possible and respect that chairs will not be allowed on the pitch.

Shoes, prams, chairs and footballs will not be permitted on the pitch and the clubs asks all those attending to ensure they follow the guidelines set on the day.

In the event of rain, the event will be cancelled.

Muslims wanting to donate Fitrana/Sadaqatul Fitr (traditional charitable donations) on the day can do so to registered volunteers.

If there is sufficient demand, the club will provide complimentary buses from Corporation Park (East Park Road entrance at the top) and Audley Sports Centre. You can click here to register your interest in the bus service by Thursday July.

Anyone with any other questions should email