United Utilities are working on repairing further burst water pipes in Blackburn.

Yesterday, (Friday July 1) a burst pipe at a section of Darwen Street on the junction of Weir Street and George Street, close to the town centre had forced some businesses in the area to close.

Darwen Street was closed to all traffic at Jubilee Street.

Residents across the borough had complained of low water pressure or no water at all.

United Utilities had alerted residents via text as to the disruption in the BB2 area.  A fleet of water tankers have been díspatched to affected areas and residents who said they had no water said some level of supply had been restored last night.

The most recent update at 12.27pm on Saturday said: "Repairs to our network can be harder to fix than we first thought, and take longer than we’d hope to complete. Please be assured, we are working as quickly as we can to get your taps flowing again."

Overnight United Utilities Dar: "Repairs to the burst at the junction of Jubilee Street and Darwen Street are underway, but our team still have work to do.

"Please be assured we’re working as quickly as we can to get things back to normal.  Our water tankers will continue to pump extra water into the pipes to keep your taps flowing and toilets flushing whilst repairs continue.

"You may notice your water pressure may be lower than usual and may fluctuate during peak times of the day."

VIDEO: Homes and businesses without water following burst pipe

There were further reports of burst water pipes in the BB1 area.

An update just after midday read: "We are continuing with the repair in the BB1 area. Our team have been working hard throughout the morning but still have work to do."

This morning United Utilities said: "Just to let you know, we have found the cause of no water or low pressure to be a burst on Whalley New Road.

"Our team are on site and ready to begin the repair, but we will need to put traffic management in place before we can get started. Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope to have things back to normal as quickly as possible."

Councillor Tasleem Fazal said he had also seen water on Victoria Street.

He said: "Having seen lots of water at the junction of Victoria Street and Barbara Castle Way when there was no rain at the time I wondered what the cause may be.

"So I followed the stream of heavy flowing mucky water and found the whole of the pavement between Oswald street and Balaclava st to be heavily seaping from every place possible and in places it had lifted.

"The flow as you can see by the video is quite heavy so I reported this to United Utilities as an urgent job needing immediate action. They confirmed a team would be sent."

Darwen Street incident closes businesses

Yesterday, one business who was based directly next to where the pipe burst told of the moment he learned of the incident.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Ice Hussain of Iceberg Supplements  said: “We had to close the business as water came gushing on to the pavement.

“It flooded our business and neighbouring store Nybble IT was also affected.

“It all started at 8.30am when another business came to open his store and he notified us of the calamity happening outside our shop.

“We are absolutely mortified at this as we still trying to recover from the first incident of the car crash some years back and then having to be shut through Covid.”

Residents across the town had been affected. One homeowner on Wensley Road said they had been without water for 'several hours'.

He said: “The pressure went low and then we have no water at all now. It has been like this for the whole street I think.

“We have been without water for most of the afternoon.”

He later said water supply had been restored but the pressue was lower than normal.

United Utilities said last night their water tankers were 'pumping extra water into the pipes to keep taps flowing and toilets flushing' whilst they carried out repairs.