A HOUSEHOLDER can finally extend her home after three previous attempts were turned down.

Miss Leesa Alberts has been given permission to add a two storey side extension and rear extension and rear dormer to Kenmuir, Burnley Road, in Briercliffe.

Planning approval for the changes to the semi-detached property was granted by Burnley Council development control committee on Thursday.

An officer's report told councillors: "The application is the fourth to be submitted at this property.

"All three previous applications were refused.

"The most recent refusal was dismissed at appeal.

"The application has been brought to development control committee as an objection has been received

"Consent is sought for the erection of a two-storey side and two-storey rear extension and the erection of a dormer to the rear.

"The proposed buildings materials for the extensions are to match the existing dwelling.

"The dormer will be faced with dark slate grey cladding.

"The neighbour has concerns with the size of the extensions and considers the site an eyesore.

"The only neighbour with potential to be affected by the development is the attached neighbouring property.

"The proposed two storey side extension will have minimal impact on this neighbour as the extension is located on the west elevation and this neighbour is on the east of the property. The two-storey rear extension will be sited adjacent to this neighbour.

"When compared with the previous refusal changes have been made to try to overcome the reason for refusal.

". It is considered that the reduced sideward projection and removal of the porch results in a scheme that would not result in a dominant addition that would unbalance the pair of properties when viewed from Burnley Road.

"On balance the development is considered to have an acceptable relationship with the visual amenity of the area."

The councillors approved the proposal with seven conditions.