A property developer who has acquired a Manchester building is hoping to convert it into five-bedroom apartments for young people.

Ibby Aslam, who has interests in Manjaros restaurants in Manchester and Blackburn, is the founder of Briks & Mortar.

He claims work has begun on the building and it will be offered as social housing for 'troubled and vulnerable' youths.

Mr Aslam, 33, had earlier announced a mentoring programme as a way of giving back to a community.

It followed two separate incidents just a few years apart when he lost his mother and younger brother.

Mr Aslam began this initiative to help young people learn how to develop, rent and sell properties and make a career out of it.

He said: “Since I found a level of success where I’m comfortable and doing well, my drive to make a social impact has increased. This was always the aim.

"Now I am in the position to create sorely needed housing for disadvantaged young people who might have nowhere else to go.

“I managed to turn my life around when I was really struggling, but not without help.

"In my opinion it’s true that sometimes all people need is a helping hand and push in the right direction to get themselves on the right track.

“My mentee programme achieves this, and now I’m pleased to offer young people housing to give them a solid base they can call home.

"The younger generation has it hard and the importance of supporting each other cannot be stressed enough.”