Two internet meme sensations from years gone by were in attendance at a Blackburn music festival this weekend.

Danny Andrews, more commonly known as Fish and a Rice Cake Guy, and Shaun Jackson, Gurning Rave Guy, were at Restricted Forest Festival at Witton Country Park, Blackburn.

Andrews rose to fame in 2007 on the BBC Three documentary Babyfaced Bodybuilders after sharing his stringent diet — fish and rice cakes — ahead of the Mr Cumbria bodybuilder competition.

He famously told the presenter: "At eight o'clock in the morning, I'll have fish and a rice cake," before repeating the diet of fish, or fish and a rice cake, over and over throughout the day which was then clipped up and sent viral.

Jackson was as gurning as ever at Restricted Forest, after becoming famous off the back of a nightclub promo clip for 'Bounce by the Ounce' night in Preston, showing him a little worse for wear at a rave in the past.

Bizarrely, the pair were both at the Blackburn festival and posed for photographs together. 

Fish and a Rice Cake Guy has recently overseen an incredible body transformation, which he showed off in the topless pictures, though Jackson has changed little since his bout of meme stardom several years ago.

How the pair shot to fame:

Jackson was also captured doing his signature bizarre dancing by one festival goer, appearing shirtless while raving at the festival.

Hundreds of ravers descended on Witton Park in Blackburn on Saturday for the event, which was billed as the "biggest yet" and featured headline performances from Snap, Basshunter, Sash, Dave Pearce.

While the majority of attendees spent the day and night having a great time soaking in the sunshine and blaring dance music, the event was marred slightly by an incident of disorder which led to police being called in.