I’M not sure if anyone else has been having problems with pigeons in their local areas.

Yet here I am, writing to a local newspaper venting my frustration. Pigeons have always been in our neighbourhood yet over the past year the population has drastically increased.

I often have seen these birds mating on my back fence over the past months. I have not been worried about this until I realised that their pigeon foul (poo) has been appearing everywhere!

From my car, to windows, to lawn, it is getting out of control. Furthermore, I was appalled to realise that their excrement is actually corrosive to my artificial lawn!

I’ve put a plastic owl on my fence to try to deter such pests; yes I’ve now changed my opinion, but they are a very clever bird indeed. Is there a solution?

I know I’m not the only one in my area who feels the same frustration. Perhaps pigeon nappies are the answer!

Are they a problem? Or a pest?

Darren Gallagher