Beer connoisseur and passionate pub campaigner, Mark gives us his decision on the tastiest beer he has sampled in the last seven days.

Mark has been highlighting the values of Britain’s favourite drink for many years. He is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Follow @realaleupnorth on Twitter

My favourite beer this week had an extra amount of satisfaction, in that it highlighted a brewery that was not frightened to name their ale, Bitter. Unfortunately, in recent times some breweries have deemed it appropriate to jettison the description, and name a bitter style beer, amber ale or amber beer!

Thankfully, Lamb Brewing Company, who brew in Litton, near Skipton, are still proud to highlight the beer I sampled, as it should be.

Bitter (3.7%) presented itself dark copper in colour, with a creamy, white head. It had a superb aroma of caramel malt , with a subtle hint of peppery spice and soft citrus fruit.

There was a dominant, juicy caramel malt flavour on the palate. This, in addition to some vinous fruit, peppery spice and a soft butterscotch note.

The lingering finish was delightful, with lots of bitter-sweet fruit, juicy caramel malt and a hint of spicy warmth.

This was an exceptional, traditional bitter. A beer that was immensely enjoyed on a warm, sunny day. An ideal thirst-quencher in excellent condition, at the Hare and Hounds, Padiham.