Police say a group of men who are standing at traffic lights and asking for money from drivers could be putting themselves at risk of harm.

Officers in Burnley said they had received a number of reports of a group of four males stood in the road on the junction of Active Way, Kingsway, and Anchor retail park along Colne Road outside the Prestige building.

The reports are of males who are standing in the highway and asking for money from people stopping at the traffic lights.

Officers from Burnley and Padiham Police posted this morning: "We understand that times are hard financially but these individuals are putting themselves at risk and other road users, their reasonings are to gain funds from drivers.

"Please understand that begging is illegal and we appreciate the generosity of people trying to help but this group keep returning to the area due to people giving them money and as so putting themselves at risk of harm.

"We have spoken to this group on a number of occasions and they have advised us that they all live and reside locally."