A woman came to the rescue and helped reunite a mother duck and her ducklings after being stuck in between a ledge and branches.

Anna-Rita Cirino was walking over the stream next to St Mary’s school in Oswaldtwistle when she heard loud quacking and saw the mother jumping up and down trying to help her babies, but wasn’t having any luck.

Shrubbery from a large tree was blocking the ducklings from crossing and Anna-Rita was unable to go down and help them because of big metal fencing that needed a key to unlock.

Lancashire Telegraph: Mother and her ducklings after local worker rescued them. Photo: Flower Power at the Paddock FacebookMother and her ducklings after local worker rescued them. Photo: Flower Power at the Paddock Facebook

Anna-Rita said: “I was walking my dog and heard them quacking and tweeting for a while before I asked for help from Flower Power.

“I wasn’t able to stay for any longer but they said they’d keep an ear out."

Luckily, the worker was able to make her way down to the scene shortly after receiving the call for help, and saved the duck family from being apart for any longer.

Kate Millen, 53, Oswaldtwistle, from Flower Power at The Paddock was the Oswaldtwistle equivalent to Chris Packham yesterday and had a "duckling rescue kind of morning." She said: "You can get to the stream from our shop, so I just got my wellies on, walked down and built them a bridge.

"It took them a while to suss it out and then one by one they were all walking up this little bridge.

"There were two that weren't sure about it and it was taking them ages so I ended up going back down again and making the bridge a little bigger and putting it in a better place for them so they were able to get back to their mum."

Rescuing the ducks gave Kate a very positive and rewarding feeling. She added: "We were cheering and sending them lots of encouragment when they were crossing the bridge, it was brilliant."

Kate has been a florist for around 35 years and opened the Flower Power shop in Oswaldtwistle with her cousin four years ago.

Their florist company creates special gifts for occasions like weddings or birthdays within the local community, but after yesterday’s rescuing event, will now be known as duck heroes.