Coronation Street actress, Helen Flanagan, has spoken candidly to her one million Instagram followers and says she is “not fussed” about having cellulite.

She has also admitted to being reduced to tears in recent days after feeling “overwhelmed” as a mum at times.

In an Instagram Q&A, the former Blackburn Westholme School pupil answered questions from her followers and spoke openly about body image, mental health and mum life.

In one post, the mum-of-three was asked why she didn’t have any stretch marks.

Helen, 31, shared a photo of her legs and said: “I don’t have stretch marks – I don’t know why.

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Flanagan says she is "not fussed" about having celluliteHelen Flanagan says she is "not fussed" about having cellulite

“But I do have cellulite and I’m not fussed; I think it’s quite natural.”

Helen was also very open about her struggles with weaning her youngest child, Charlie, off breastfeeding.

She said she had to hire a childminder to help her throughout the process.

She said: “I found it really tricky with Charlie to stop feeding. Really tricky.

“I had to get help from a childminder, who was lovely. I needed to be away from him during the day for a few hours as he just wanted my milk.

“It took me six weeks.”

Another follower asked Helen: “Have you experienced a dip in mood from weaning?”

Helen admitted to struggling with her middle child, Delilah.

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen Flanagan with DelilahHelen Flanagan with Delilah

She said: “I massive struggled after feeding Delilah.

“I fed Delilah for 13 months and when my periods came back I felt absolutely rubbish.

“Weirdly, it’s been okay with Charlie but I was nervous about it.

“Hormones and just mental health in general… always ask for help.

“Be open and talk to others. You are never on your own.”

Helen also showed the reality of ‘mum life’ and says she has been reduced to tears recently after feeling overwhelmed.

Lancashire Telegraph: Helen said she has been "overwhelmed" and reduced to tears recentlyHelen said she has been "overwhelmed" and reduced to tears recently

One follower asked: “How do you keep it together. You seem so calm.”

“I am not,” Helen said. “We just share a lot of the highlights on social media. I try to be as real as I can on here.

“Yesterday I shouted at the kids and hated myself for that. I was just trying to give them a nice day.

“I cried today because I felt overwhelmed.

“You just get on and all you can do is just try your best.”