A WOMAN who went to a friend’s house for celebration drinks, after being given a cancer all-clear, ended up being assaulted by a male guest.

Blackburn Magistrates' Court heard the victim had intervened when Jeremy Wood was arguing with his partner and then when he attacked another man at the bash.

Wood threw a bottle at the woman which hit a fireplace and bounced onto her head.

Wood, 54, of Townley Street, Briercliffe, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault, against a woman called Elaine Hirst and man named Michael Owen.

He was made the subject of a community order for 18 months with 30 days rehabilitation activity requirement and 160 hours unpaid work.

Wood was also ordered to pay £150 compensation to Mr Owen and £100 to Miss Hirst.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, said Miss Hirst went to her friend’s house in Burnley at about 4pm on March 29 to celebrate being free from cancer.

The defendant was there and after a couple of hours he went out to play pool, Mr Parker added.

“Everyone was drinking and enjoying themselves when the defendant came back at about 10pm,” said Mr Parker.

“Shortly after he was upstairs arguing with a female and Miss Hirst went up and told him to calm down.

“His response was to grab her by the throat and push her against a door.”

Mr Parker said everyone then went downstairs and shortly after the defendant began to “pummel” Mr Owen for no apparent reason.

“Miss Hirst stepped in between them because she didn’t think he would hit a woman but she was wrong,” Mr Parker told the court.

Daniel Frazer, in mitigation, said Wood accepted he was the one who had brought violence to the situation.

“Fortunately there were no serious injuries as a result but he accepts it would have been upsetting for the victims,” said Mr Frazer.

“The friendships are over as a result of this incident which was clearly fuelled by alcohol.”