A ROW over family silver resulted in a man throwing rocks through the windows of his brother’s home.

Blackburn Magistrates' Court heard victim Zaid Saleh claimed defendant Nooh Saleh knew one of the windows was where his 90-year-old mother-in-law normally sat to say her prayers.

Nooh Saleh, 48, of Adelaide Terrace, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and using threatening behaviour on December 7, 2021.

He was fined £80 and ordered to pay £200 compensation, £85 costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said Saleh turned up at his brother’s address at 9.40am and when he answered the door demanded that he got his silver straight away.

“His brother pointed at him and told him to go away and the defendant responded by saying he would break his finger and kill him,” said Mr Robinson.

He said the silver was also owned by the Nooh Saleh's wife and his brother went upstairs to get it.

Meanwhile, his wife checked with the defendant’s wife if it was alright to hand it over.

“While that was happening he started throwing rocks at the front of the house,” said Mr Robinson.

“He threw three rocks and each one smashed a window. The rocks, which were heavy, were from an ornamental pond.

"The aggrieved says they were thrown towards a window where his mother-in-law normally sits to pray around that time.”

In mitigation, Gareth Price said his client had not been in trouble with the courts for more than 20 years and there was nothing similar on his record.

He said there was a long-standing family dispute which resulted in his client becoming homeless and living in a hostel.

“On this day he went to the address and asked for some items that were legitimately his,” said Mr Price.

“He was met by his brother pointing in his face and telling him to go away in no uncertain terms.

"The door was shut in his face and in frustration he threw the stones at the window.”