A WOMAN has packed a punch in trimming down the pounds by taking up boxing training and turning her life around.

Bex Faragher walked into the Fairfield Boxing Club Gym, Accrington in July 2021 and weighed 108kg (17 stones).

She had never really had the motivation to do anything about it because she thought that this was the way she would always be.

But she decided she simply wanted to just feel a bit healthier.

Scott Parsons, head coach of Fairfield Boxing Club, said “When Bex first started training she could not manage 60 seconds of star jumps, so we worked on small achievable targets.

"Over the coming weeks Bex started to lose a few pounds here and there.

"During one session, she said: “I think I’d like to have a boxing bout?”

"Anyone who has ever boxed, boxing trained or sparred will know the physical demands on the body this would require.

"Along with her coaches she said it could be achieved if she reached 88kg (13st 8lbs) in the next four months along with following a fitness plan and attending sparring sessions as well as her regular boxing sessions.

"Bex has worked incredibly hard, she’s eating well and living the life of a boxer mixing her training up with regular 5k runs.

"She had a bout in May 13 in Wigan and weighed a staggering 74kg (11st 6lbs) – which is a loss of over 5 stone!

"She is now has one of the best cardio capabilities in the gym and has the fitness bug.

"It has changed her life, she has had to have a full wardrobe change and her gym kit has gone from XXL to size medium.

"Bex’s journey has inspired others to concentrate on making positive changes for their health.

“We are all incredibly proud of Bex for her commitment, discipline and attitude.

“Bex is proof that everyone has the power to make a change to their lives if the reach out and ask for support.”

Bex added: "I did not think I would be able to do it. 

"I needed to up my fitness training and I wanted to try ladies boxing and it got to the point of losing weight and then working towards getting my first fight.

"I won my first fight and all the hard work paid off and I am really proud of myself and thankful for Scott helping me."