A DOG walker whose pet was attacked by a pack of dogs was then punched in the face by a man he thought had come to help.

Blackburn magistrates heard when he asked his assailant to stop because he thought he was going to collapse Daniel Alan Haworth responded by punching him again.

Haworth, 30, of Burnley Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mustak Taylor. He was made subject to a community order for 18 months with 50days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. He was excluded from Hoddlesden for three months and ordered to pay £200 compensation to Mr Taylor.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, at 9.45 pm Mr Taylor was walking his dog on Carrus Avenue, Hoddlesden, when his pet was attacked by another dog which was off the lead.

"Three other dogs joined in the attack and they ignored the efforts of a woman to call them off," said Mr Parker. "She left to get help and then Haworth approached and punched Mr Taylor. He said it was Mr Taylor's dog that was attacking his dog which clearly wasn't true."

As Mr Taylor left Haworth told him to come back and he would kill him.

Mr Parker said Mr Taylor suffered a split lip and a burst nose and his dog received numerous puncture wounds.

He later told police; "I have no idea why he attacked me. My dog was on the lead and it was being attacked by the other dogs. Nothing like this usually happens in Hoddlesden."

When Haworth was interviewed he said he had been drunk and heard a fiend screaming about the dogs. He said he couldn't remember why he punched Mr Taylor but accepted he was in the wrong.

Mr Parker said police inquiries were ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the attack by the dogs.

Ian Huggan, defending, said his client had been visiting a friend and was in her house when the incident started.

"She ran in screaming about what had happened," said Mr Huggan. "He got the wrong end of the stick and acted inappropriately, He is annoyed with himself and ashamed of what he did."