Women who have given birth at Burnley Birth Centre in the past year will be given a specialised document containing facts and statistics for the month that they gave birth.

The Central Birth Suite in the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre (LWNC) provides care for women during all stages of their pregnancy and offers support for those with more complex pregnancies.

The centre used to create personalised documents every month providing families with statistics like how many boys and girls were born, the most popular birthday, the weight of the largest baby.

The colourfully designed infographics were shared on their Instagram account ‘centralbirthsuite’ up until July last year.

Almost a year later, the Burnley Central Birth Suite announced that they would be providing monthly statistics again, dating back to August 2021.

Sharing her love for the idea, one woman said: “It’s so thoughtful. It makes a lovely keepsake for a baby box or book and it’s just an interesting read.”

The most popular birthday in March 2022 at Burnley Birth Centre March was the 23rd and there were 20 more boys (241) than girls (221) born in that month. Interestingly, the number of boys being born also overtook the number of girls in January and February.

There’s also statistics on how many set of twins were born each month, with seven in January, eight in February and just one in March.


The posts also mention the heart breaking stillbirths and miscarriages.

Each month’s post says: “We never forget those babies born sleeping, carried but never held, held but not able to go home and those that went home but could not stay.”

People shared their appreciation for the time and dedication the Burnley staff put into when creating the posts.

One user commented: "You're all amazing, thank you for remembering the little ones that couldn't stay."

The staff will be publishing posts for the missed months on their Instagram account in the upcoming weeks.