A takeaway owner has been prosecuted for five food hygiene offences.

Tafayul Choudhury, 50, the food business operator of TFC, 104-102 Highfield Road, Blackpool, attended court on 15 June, where he pleaded guilty to the offences.

On 19 August 2021, Blackpool Council Food Control Officers inspected the takeaway to discover open containers of raw chicken in the fridge and freezers giving rise to the risk of cross-contamination of harmful food poisoning bacteria.

Officers found allergen contamination risks, in that bread buns containing sesame seeds were open and shedding seeds, and there were pieces of grated cheese to the preparation area.

Lancashire Telegraph:

This lack of control of allergens could pose a safety risk to those with either an allergy to sesame or dairy.

The premises were found to be dirty throughout and in need of a deep clean.

It was evident that the business had not been cleaned down from the previous day, with a full bin, dirty utensils and dirty cooking equipment that had not yet been put to use that day.

There was an accumulation of rubbish and unused equipment to the rear yard.

Monitoring records had not been completed for three weeks, which should be in place to demonstrate that safe practices are being followed.

Mr Choudhury has been ordered to pay a £741 fine, £2,500 costs, and £74 victim surcharge.

Head of public protection and enforcement, at the council, Tim Coglan, said: “This prosecution sends a strong message to food business operators in Blackpool.

"If health and hygiene procedures are not followed it can have extremely serious consequences for the consumer.

“During the pandemic we know that some businesses were struggling to maintain standards due to repeated closures.

"Now all the restrictions have been removed and businesses are operating as normal there is no excuse for not meeting legal requirements.

"Any shortfall will not be tolerated, particularly when it poses a risk to the public.”