Whilst several Hyndburn residents have complained to their local councillor about the poor road surface and repairs, one woman spotted a particularly rare site yesterday.

Rachel Newby stumbled across the “lesser spotted total surface replacement” on Lower Gate Road in Huncoat on Thursday June, 16.

Delighted with the discovery, Newby shared a photo along with the news mimicking a David Attenborough styled commentary.

She said: “This species has not been seen for a number of years, if not decades in this locality.

“Other distant relations of the 'proper job', more commonly associated with this habitat, include the 'pot hole bung up', 'bodge the job' and the 'ah just leave it' variety.

“Today we are rather lucky to witness such a rare and special occasion!”

Lancashire Telegraph: Resurfaced road in Huncoat. Photo: Rachel Newby, FacebookResurfaced road in Huncoat. Photo: Rachel Newby, Facebook

One user replied saying: "What an improvement on the usual moaning" Newby’s post was.

Councillor Noordad Aziz has been liaising with Lancashire County Council aiming to “hold the Conservatives to account at County Hall” to ensure investment.

While Kipling Place was finally resurfaced last week after five years, other areas including Oak Street and Commercial Road in Great Harwood are still in "horrendous condition".

Residents have recently expressed that they feel "fobbed off" by the council when roads are being resurfaced every few months because the job "isn’t being done properly" the first time.

LCC sent a letter to Cllr Aziz yesterday acknowledging the carriageway surrounding the patches in Commercial Road is in poor condition but cannot say exactly when an inspection to assess whether any remedial works are required will be carried out.

It stated: “With a limit of 5m2 per patch, we are only able to target the areas that meet investigatory level. Unfortunately, this means we are not always able to take a patch to the extent we would like to.

“However, based on the photos you have kindly provided, we are concerned that the carriageway has started to deteriorate adjacent the patch shown on the first photo.

“In light of this, we have actioned a quality inspection at this location to assess whether any remedial works are required.

"Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly when we will carry this out, but we will complete this as soon as possible.”

Among the constant complaints and ongoing issues, Newby’s playful Facebook post "made people’s days".

She told the Lancashire Telegraph: “It was just nice to have some light hearted fun for a change rather than the usual posts.”