An East Lancashire woman shed an incredible 12 stone after her son told her "mum, you are going to die".

She owes her lifestyles change to Slimming World and now runs her own group after her life-changing weight loss and adjustment to a healthy lifestyle.

Melanie Jones, from Burnley, managed to shed 12 stone; that's seven dress sizes, four ring sizes and one shoe size in just 19 months.

Lancashire Telegraph: Melanie Jones was 22 stone before starting Slimming WorldMelanie Jones was 22 stone before starting Slimming World

Melanie, 42, said: “Apart from comments at school, no one really mentioned my weight in adulthood and I was quite a loud character.”

However, it was her then eight-year-old son’s harrowing words that encouraged her to adopt a healthier life style and quit her “secret binge eating”.

She said: “My son, Kye, had been doing a health awareness course at school and learning about diabetes.

“He came out of school and he said it right in front of everyone: ‘Mum, you’re going to die. You are going to be diabetic'.

Lancashire Telegraph: Melanie Jones managed to shed 12 stone in 19 monthsMelanie Jones managed to shed 12 stone in 19 months

“It was at that point where I really started taking weight loss seriously as no-one had ever worried about me in that way before… it really opened my eyes.”

Melanie also started to acknowledge the physical and mental problems that her 22 stone weight was causing.

The mum-of-four said: “When my weight was really bad I was never physically able to keep up with the kids.

“My knees were so painful and often I’d get pins and needles during the night or struggle to breathe when sleeping.

Lancashire Telegraph: Melanie Jones before and after 12 stone weight lossMelanie Jones before and after 12 stone weight loss

“I couldn’t take the kids to the park due to the pain and because I’d be so breathless.

“I would never take them swimming as I wouldn’t be seen dead in a costume.

“I was struggling to get up the stairs of my own house and couldn’t even get in and out of the bath.

“I was a hermit. Other than dropping the kids off I didn’t really leave the house.”

She joined Slimming World in 2016 and owes her weight loss to the programme. In 2018, she became a Slimming World group leader and runs her own group in Burnley.

She said: “Slimming World means everything to me, if you cut me open I’d bleed Slimming World I’m that passionate about the plan.

“Not only did it change my life but it saved it too .

“I’ve never looked back, I never miss celebrations or social outings, in fact my diary got fuller as my confidence and energy grew.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Melanie JonesMelanie Jones

Melanie’s biggest piece of weight loss advice is to try a Slimming World group.

She said: “If you are thinking about losing weight just go for it. Come along, see what we are all about.

“With slimming world I was still losing weight and still able to eat some of my favourite foods.

“Come into group and stay every week, even if you have had a bad week as other people can give you tips and advice.”

You can find your nearest group by visiting the Slimming World website.