A man has criticised "selfish" drivers for parking non-electric cars in bays designated as being electric vehicle charging points.

The fitness fanatic, from Blackburn, who asked not to be named, said he regularly visits JD Gyms in Blackburn after work to find he cannot charge his Mercedes-Benz electric car as the two spaces are taken up by cars powered by petrol or diesel.

There are almost always plenty of parking spaces in the rest of the car park but the "selfish" motorists decide to park nearer to the gym entrance and block his access to charging.

He has urged his fellow gym-goers to embrace the extra cardio that walking an extra 20 metres from the main part of the car park will bring rather than inconvenience him and other EV drivers.

He said: "I'm a member of the JD Gym in Blackburn.

"Just outside the gym are two EV charging points, both of which are a payable service.

"The spaces are always blocked by non-EV cars that are presumably using the spaces as they're close to the entrance.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"However, by parking their cars in these spaces, they block anyone with an EV or PHEV from being able to access the charging points. 

"There are still currently limited places around Lancashire that offer spaces to charge EV's and this sort of selfishness further decreases that number and creates difficulties for EV drivers.

"Personally, I use the gym after work and always bring my cables so that I can charge my car while I exercise.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"I'm constantly greeted by non-EV cars parked there blocking the area from being useable for charging.

"Worse, a lot of the time the car park is almost empty yet still drivers choose to block those charging points by parking in the EV bays."

While annoying, there is currently no legal law surrounding parking near or in UK charging point bays with electric car owners often forced to wait for vehicles to move out of the way so they can charge their cars. 

JD Gyms Blackburn has been contacted for comment.