Hollywood movie star, Hugh Grant, has donated another £10,000 to a Burnley-based plumbing and heating charity.

James Anderson, founder of Depher CIC, hailed the Love Actually star as a “God” after he donated a massive sum to the charity for the third time.

In total, James says Hugh has donated £47,000 to the charity’s GoFundMe in recent months.



James said: “It's unbelievable that there are people out there, like Hugh, who care for the people as much as we do.

“What Hugh is doing is enabling us to save lives by supporting us – he’s a life-saver.”

James doesn’t know how Hugh found out about the charity but is glad he did.

He said:“I don’t know exactly how he found out about the charity – I have spoken to him but I have never asked that question.

“I am just happy that he has… I think we are on the same life path together for a reason.

“However, he has told me I am a ‘massive hero’ and has the upmost respect for Depher.

“He’s a man of men – a proper gentleman.”

James said the vital funds have come at the right time with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

He said: “We now have a free boiler for a 94-year-old lady because of Hugh.

“There’s another lady who has a brain tumour, (she) and her husband haven’t had heating or hot water for 17 months and now they will get a new boiler … because of Hugh.

“It’s not that it helps towards or makes life a little bit easier – it actually saves lives.”

Lancashire Telegraph: James Anderson, founder of Depher CICJames Anderson, founder of Depher CIC

Depher has helped over 39,000 families get free heating and hot water in their homes since its launch in 2017.

The sum of money from Grant will cover nearly a third of Depher’s monthly spend for those without heating or hot water.

“He’s given a medicine to an illness we’re all fighting,” Mr Anderson said.

“I will share the shoes off my feet, I will sell everything I own, I’ll even remortgage my house and sell my false teeth as long as I know these children are being fed again.

“And even though (Hugh) is miles away, he still gets involved because he watches, he listens, he understands and he knows where we’re coming from.”

To donate to Depher, visit the GoFundMe page.