A Michelin-trained chef from Clitheroe has opened a unique ‘heat and eat’ takeaway in his hometown.

Grounded has opened in Woone Lane and serves restaurant quality global food, specialising in Asian fusion dishes.

However, it is unlike any takeaway you might have seen before as you can take these dishes home and heat them up at a time of your choosing.

Lancashire Telegraph: Will and Emma BakehouseWill and Emma Bakehouse

Chef and co-owner of the business, Will Backhouse, says the “special and gourmet” food is a great alternative for people who want a takeaway that is "a bit fresher and healthier".

He said: “All dishes are fresh and made using local produce.

“Some meals are quite healthy compared to other takeaways on the market. You also know they have been cooked fresh without any ‘bad’ ingredients going into them.”

Will said it’s also great for families who want restaurant quality food from the comfort of their own home.

He said: “It’s great for families who can’t get out on a Friday night.

"They can pick it up from their way home from work, reheat it and enjoy it with a bottle of wine at home.

“I think it’s a different kind of takeaway that some people are crying out for – something new, different and doesn’t make you feel gross after you have eaten it.”

Will and his wife, Emma Backhouse, launched the business back in 2020. They opened their first physical shop last week (10 June).

Will said: “I wasn’t able to go to work because of Covid so I gave this business a whirl. I soon realised there was a gap in the market for Thai and Asian fusion food.

“We decided we wanted open up some form of physical shop and we later found this little building, grabbed the opportunity and turned it into and Asian fusion ‘display deli’.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Grounded foodGrounded food

While it has only been open for a week, Will said he has been rushed off his feet with his popular Asian platters selling well and yakitori skewers and gyozas flying off the shelves.

The chef, who has been Michelin trained and once cooked for the rich and famous on super yachts, says every platter is guaranteed to be of high quality.

He said: “We sell global food that is truly made with love. All food is made fresh and using local produce.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response so far and we have already received such amazing reviews and feedback.

“We have only been open a week but already received such great feedback.”

As well as selling heat and eat takeaways, the business also offer catering services and are avaliable to hire for birthdays, barbeques and dinner parties.

If you want to place an order at Grounded, make sure to do so by Wednesday each week.

Will said: “I am very excited for the next few months. We are already flat out with orders and hope it continues.”