A Blackburn-born actress has made an appearance in a brand new Channel 4 show, Big Boys, alongside Derry Girls star Dylan Llewellyn.

Rhiannon Clements, also known for portraying Summer Ranger in Hollyoaks, has appeared in Big Boys, a comedy about two boys who become best friends at freshers week.

Rhiannon plays the character ‘Mad Debs’ and makes an brief appearance in two episodes of the six-part series.

Lancashire Telegraph: Rhiannon Clements as Debs in Big BoysRhiannon Clements as Debs in Big Boys

Debs is a brash, unapologetic and hilarious character who originates from Newcastle - and accidentally brings a knife to a nightclub. 

While she didn’t have a leading role, she did make an impression on viewers.

Taking to social media, one person said: “Gosh Rhiannon you really make me laugh in Big Boys.”

“I watched Big Boys yesterday. God I love Mad Debs she’s brilliant, nice job,” said another.

Narrated and written by comedian Jack Rooke, Big Boys is based on his award-winning live Edinburgh Fringe shows 'Good Grief’, 'Happy Hour’ and ‘Love Letters’.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jack (Dylan Llewellyn) and Danny (Jon Pointing) in Channel 4's Big BoysJack (Dylan Llewellyn) and Danny (Jon Pointing) in Channel 4's Big Boys

Jack (Dylan Llewellyn), 19, is a sheltered, closeted boy from Watford, trying to both overcome grief after his dad’s passing and figure out what he actually wants in life.

He leaves potty-mouthed matriarch Peggy (Camille Coduri) who has persuaded him to take up a scholarship at a local uni so he can make something of himself and not just be stuck at home.

Meanwhile Danny (Jon Pointing), 25, is your typical loud and proud lads’ lad.

Hailing from a run-down seaside town, Danny is a few years older than every other fresher, trying to live out a lost adolescence whilst confronting the demons of his own mental health.

And so we follow their first year at Brent University as they explore, experiment and try to discover themselves, helping one another along the way.

Jack describes the show as a “silly, sweet comedy” about two boys from very different ends of the “spectrum of masculinity” who become best mates at uni.

He said: “They quickly realise they actually do have a lot of stuff in common; they want to find themselves, have fun and properly figure out who they are, which I think you get to explore when you’re a fresher and you’re away from home and people who knew you when you were a snotty-nosed little kid.

“It’s about that period of reinvention I suppose. And because in the series there is this narrative device of me narrating throughout, you're very aware you're watching a TV show set in the past but voiced from the future.”

You can watch all episodes of Big Boys on All 4.