People in Lancashire could turn their household ‘junk’ into a fortune this weekend as Dickinson’s Real Deal comes to the county.

The ITV antique selling and buying show is coming to Preston on Saturday, June 18, and locals are being urged to bring antiques, collectibles, art, jewellery, memorabilia, toys, records, books or comics with them.

Bring your item along and you will get a free valuation and one of their dealers might just make you an offer - maybe you are sitting on a gold mine. 

If not, you still stand a chance of being featured on the ITV show.

The event is being held at Riva Preston, a live entertainment venue on Tithebarn Street.

Entertainment manager, David John Billington, said they are “over the moon” to be hosting the show and says they will be filming three shows on one day.

He said: “The phones and emails have never stopped since we made the announcement,  so we’re expecting a good turnout.”

David also said the show’s host, David Dickinson, is eager to try a classic Lancashire dish.

He said: “We’re trying to find David Dickinson the best meat pie in Preston as that’s what he wants for dinner.”

Dickinson Real Deal crews will be at the Preston venue from 8am-5pm.