More officers are to be deployed to 'problem areas' in a bid to tackle motor nuisance across the county after seeing an increase in anti-social beahviour.

Lancashire Police said people on motorbikes, mopeds, scrambler bikes and quad bikes are causing problems such as general anti-social behaviour, noise issues, damage to land and roads, danger to other road users and pedestrians.

A new operation, named Operation Propulsion, will run in conjunction with several partners across the county, including local authorities and will see an increased amount of officers patrolling locations where residents have highlighted motor-nuisance ASB an area of concern – this includes housing estates, private land, industrial areas and cycle tracks.

Officers will utilise a range of powers to seize any vehicles that are being used illegally and causing anti-social behaviour.

People are advised that when purchasing these types of vehicles to ensure that they are not stolen, they must have public liability insurance and understand that if they are seized the removal and storage of their vehicles will have to be paid for by the owner.

Heading up Operation Propulsion is Chief Inspector Mark Douglas, who said: “We take issues such as motor nuisance very seriously as it can have a significant impact on the lives of those in the local community.

"This operation is about taking action to address the concerns of Lancashire’s residents and making our communities safer for everyone.

“Riders engaging in this sort of behaviour pose a danger to other road users, pedestrians and themselves.

"As a force we are cracking down on these issues, removing illegal and nuisance bikes off the streets and bringing those responsible for these criminal offences to court.

“We are urging anyone who has seen or been affected by motor nuisance anti-social behaviour to report any incidents to us, to help create a better picture of the areas these problems are located and who the repeat offenders are.”

Officers are requesting the public to report any motor nuisance issues or anti-social activity online on the Lancashire Constabulary website or by calling 101. For emergencies, 999 should be dialled.

Noise issues caused by nuisance bikes can be reported directly to the relevant council, who can take action under the Environmental Protection Act.

You can also report anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.