A WOMAN who had been involved in a dispute inside a pub put her fist through a window after she had been ordered out.

Blackburn magistrates heard Lindsey McIntosh caused £250 worth of damage to the window and she detached tendons in her hand which required two operations when she smashed the window on December 3 last year.

McIntosh, 36, of Shaftesbury Avenue, Great Harwood, pleaded guilty to criminal damage. She was fined £120 and ordered to pay £280 compensation.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said McIntosh had been drinking in the Lord Longworth in Oswaldtwistle, when she smashed some glasses and had been asked to leave.

"She was asked to leave and once she was outside she smashed a window with her fist," said Mr Robinson. "When the police arrived she was bleeding heavily."

Mr Robinson said McIntosh had made full admissions in interview and had been offered a caution on condition she paid the compensation in full, which she had been unable to do.

Damien Pickup, mitigating, said while she was in the pub his client had a row with the lady behind the bar.

"She had complained about the behaviour of some of the regulars and this led to a heated argument," said Mr Pickup.

"When my client went outside the lady from behind the bar went to the window and continued to abuse her and she reacted by punching the window."

Mr Pickup said when police arrived her hand was bleeding and had subsequently needed two operations to repair detached tendons.