We asked our readers about the most annoying thing a driver can do on the motorway - and the result was pretty conclusive.

'Middle lane hoggers' was by far the most popular answer, with outside-lane tailgating, lack of indicating and driving too slowly in the inside-lane also irritating many.

Susan Walsh kicked things off by commenting "sticking in the middle lane for no reason," before Sarah Clark really got her teeth into some other issues.

She said: "Middle lane hoggers are bad but much worse are the entitled A-holes who hug the bumper of your car in the outside lane, even though you are overtaking a convoy of lorries and couldn't pull in even if you wanted to.

"Like the entitlement of 'I've got a shiny car, get out of my way, my journey is more important than yours' just makes my blood boil.

"So, do this to me and I'm guaranteed to take as long as possible to move back over."

Dave Hollings wrote: "Hogging the middle lane, turning a three-lane motorway into a two-lane motorway.

"On the other hand, it is funny to watch their confusion on a four-lane motorway, trying to work out which is the middle lane so that they can hog it."

Malcolm Bradley said: "Staying in the middle lane causing tailgating and aggressive driving! Just move left once you’ve overtaken please!"

Neil Mashiter said: "Doing 40mph in the first lane."

Hels Bels, seemingly recalling a bad experience, wrote: "Leaning on his horn, rolling down his window, shouting obscenities and gesticulating just because someone makes one little mistake, which doesn't even affect him.

"Sorry, but 99 per cent of the time it's a 'him'." 

Dave Peacock-Seddon said: "The car you attempt to overtake accelerates leaving you stuck in the overtaking lane with racing drivers behind you flashing headlights."

Lastly, Mark Turner is less bothered by actions, more the cars themselves.

He said: "Drive any BMW or beige-coloured Volvo."

There were more than 100 responses to our question and middle-lane hogging was by far-and-away the most annoying thing our readers see on the motorway.

Do you do this? If you do, don't. Our readers have a point.

Middle lane hogging is dangerous and if police spot you driving unnecessarily in the middle lane you can be pulled over and fined.