A single mother has been inspired to create a range of textiles based on her experiences with her seven-year-old son.

Molly Hudson, 27, a third-year BA (Hons) Contemporary Textiles student, is showcasing her work based on memories made with her son Bobby at Blackburn University Centre’s Annual Art and Design Degree Show 2022.

Molly, from Accrington, returned to study after taking four years out of education to look after her son.

She has now set up her own company called ‘Brambles and Bobbins’ and hopes to make a name for herself by selling contemporary textiles.

She said: “As a parent you find yourself doing a lot of things with your children that you used to do yourself as a child, and that’s really what inspired my theme of childhood nostalgia and memories. 

“We go for a lot of walks and picnics so there’s a theme of woodlands which is shown in my ‘Sunday Strolls’ designs while our picnics feature in my ‘Summer Picnic’ concept, and the ‘Fairground Frolics’ patterns came from a trip we took to Southport when we went to a fairground.

“I wanted to create something which felt familiar to people and something which enables the viewer to take their very own trip down memory lane.

"The concepts which I have decided to explore aren’t just concepts which are familiar to me, I think most people will be able to resonate with them.”

All Molly’s designs have been hand sketched with watercolour added before being and worked on digitally.

The show, which is on until June 17 at Blackburn College’s Victoria Building as part of The National Festival of Making.