MORE than 600 e-cigarettes with labelling, safety or counterfeit issues have been seized from nine shops across Hyndburn.

Lancashire Police have worked with Trading Standards, visiting shops in the borough to conduct inspections of tobacco sales, e-cigarettes and food sales.

Seizures were made from nine of the 14 shops visited, with 600 E-cigarettes seized due to labelling, safety or counterfeit issues.

Two shop premises had no “under 18s” signage regarding cigarettes which is required by law, with police offering advice to shopowners on this.

Three shops had food that was being sold that was past its use-by date and one, in particular, was selling food that was 23 days past its use-by date.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “These inspections are conducted to ensure that we have safer communities.

“Remember to always check the product before you purchase.”