A DRUNKEN mother-of-two who attacked a paramedic and spat at a police officer has kept her freedom.

Burnley Magistrates heard how the victims had turned up to help Marilyn Williams, 54, when she had been found lying collapsed, dishevelled and disoriented on Halifax Road, Nelson.

Williams, whose daughter is a doctor, slapped paramedic Daniel Box hard across the face and then turned on the officer as he was trying to handcuff her.

Williams, of Eckroyd Close, Nelson, admitted assault by beating and police assault, last November.

She was given a community order for 12 months, with supervision and the addressing substance related offending programme. She must pay £150 compensation and £75 costs. The bench told her they were trying to support her and did not want to see her in court again.

Bill Maude, prosecuting, told the court Mr Box, 33, who was in a Rapid Response vehicle, was called to attend to the defendant just before midnight. Two ambulance colleagues also went.

Williams, who had a labrador dog with her, was clearly drunk, police arrived and she was taken to the house they established was her home.

The defendant refused to go in, became aggressive and slapped Mr Box hard. She was arrested, struggled violently and Mr Box had to help police try and restrain her.

Mr Maude said as the officer was trying to handcuff the defendant, Williams spat at him. Mr Box's face was sore and painful. Williams could barely walk and a female officer assisted in getting her to her home. When Williams was taken into the custody office, she apologised for her actions. She had three previous convictions.

David Lawson, defending, said Williams had drink problems and unless the issues were tackled, the same problems might resurface. Williams was extremely remorseful and ashamed.

Mr Lawson added: "The defendant wants help. I ask that you give her help."