LANCASHIRE Police have acted to calm worried resdients after a social media post showed a badger in the boot of a car.

Police in Rossendale said the the post was circulating nationally and had been intended as a humorous post.

Rural Task Force officers have made contact with the person posting the image on the local Rawtenstall Past and Present and Future page, who confirmed they had simply forwarded a viral post.

Rossendale Police said: "Suitable words of advice have been given. The post has subsequently been removed.

"This post has caused understandable concern and distress to local residents and members of local badger watch groups.

"Lancashire Constabulary will not abide by animal cruelty and will take appropriate and robust action against those committing such offences.

"Please can we urge residents to consider the implications of their social media posts and how those post could be interpreted by others."