A warning has been issued about an ongoing spate of car thefts, with police advising members of the public to stay alert.

Officers in Rossendale say they are aware of the problem and are increasing patrols as a result.

They have also given out a series of guidelines about how people in the area can keep their cars safe.

Inspector Chris Valentine said: “The most stolen cars in Rossendale are Fords, mainly Fiestas and any ST model, VWs, Audis and Land Rovers, all models.

“Faraday bags are a good way of keeping your keys safe from having the signals copied but it also helps keeping them as far away from the front door as possible.

“Many cars are stolen whilst the owner still has the keys using specialised software to start the car.

"Aftermarket items such as Ghost Immobilisers can help prevent this but trackers are also available for a very low cost.

“They use a SIM card and can be hidden in your vehicle so if stolen they can be found easily.

“We are increasing our patrols around the borders and making use of our ANPR systems.

“By working with GMP we charged a gang of car criminals last month for multiple offences and they are now on remand.

“However, we need to make Rossendale a really undesirable place to commit crime.”